HGH side effects foe women

HGH Injections Side Effects for Women

Fluctuations in hormones cause various changes in adult male and female individuals. This especially holds true as people hit the age of forty and beyond. For women, this phase in life can cause the most dramatic symptoms with the approach of menopause. Menopause is the stage in life when the reproductive system shuts down for women.

The process is gradual and results from a decrease in progesterone and estrogen levels. However, hgh, or human growth hormone could also be a part of the issue. Human growth hormone helped you to grow as a child. Now that you are an adult, it has played an important part in:

  • Your muscle mass
  • Your bone development
  • The way your fat and sugar levels are processed

If hgh levels go down in an extreme way,it can result in issues like weight gain, fatigue, a loss of muscle mass, and a loss of bone mass. To combat the decrease, an HRT prescription may be recommended to begin hgh injections. HRT, the abbreviation for hormone replacement therapy, can improve issues with a drop in hgh levels. As with any treatment, you should be aware of hgh injections side effects for women.

Growth Hormone side effects

What Side Effects Can be Expected with HGH Injections?

As compared to other treatment options for hgh decreases, such as steroids, side effects are generally minimal. However, there is a possibility of:

  • Higher cholesterol levels
  • An increase in body fluids that causes swelling
  • An increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tingling

With the proper dosage of hgh and supervision from your doctor, there is less of a likelihood of side effects. If there are any side effects, open up the door to communication with your physician to determine if any changes in treatment are necessary.

Getting the Most Out of HGH Replacement Therapy

To explore options for treatment when there is a decrease in HGH levels, begin by an open discussion with your physician. It will be possible to eliminate any other factors that may be causing your symptoms. Expect blood tests and other evaluations to get answers about your health. At that point, solutions will be recommended. If hgh therapy is the best route to take, your doctor will prescribe injections that are at a safe level for you.

You will also be given a time frame for when injections are necessary, how many injections should be given, and how long to expect to be on hgh therapy. Once you have had regular treatment, it is normal to notice an improvement in symptoms. Benefits include increased energy levels, a remedy for fatigue, and improved moods. Be sure to ask questions. If there are any concerns, your physician is a valuable resource. Take charge of your well-being with help from your physician. The road to improved wellness can begin with hgh therapy. It begins by talking with your doctor when something feels off with your body.

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