HGH Weight Loss Dosage

HGH Weight Loss Dosage

HGH treatments are an increasingly popular weight loss method. HGH, which stands for human growth hormone, has many potential health benefits, ranging from increased energy levels to radiant skin. Ahead, learn how HGH works, and what dosage you should take to optimize weight loss.

The Basics of HGH

The body naturally produces HGH. Initially produced in the pituitary gland, this all-important hormone is responsible for regulating fat metabolism, body temperature, and other physical processes. It also helps maintain healthy skin and muscles. While these hormones are essential, however, HGH production slows down as adults age. Men and women can enhance their health by supplementing their natural supply of HGH.


HGH is sometimes confused with HRT, or hormone replacement therapy. These two treatments have distinct differences, however. HGH therapy was originally developed as a treatment for children who were HGH deficient, but doctors soon realized that this therapy could also benefit older patients. Hormone replacement therapy, on the other hand, is usually prescribed for female patients who want to mitigate menopausal symptoms. Progesterone and estrogen are used to supplement the hormonal changes that occur during menopause. Hormone replacement therapy can also be used for male patients who have unusually low levels of testosterone.

HGH for weight loss

HGH and Weight Loss

When the body naturally produces HGH, it is sent from the pituitary gland to the bloodstream. The hormone only stays active for a few minutes. When the body has adequate supply of HGH, however, these few minutes are enough for the liver to convert the hormone into growth factors. These growth factors have a restorative effect on all parts of the body, ranging from the skin to the heart. When the body’s natural supply of HGH starts to dwindle, however, the body’s innate restorative abilities start to diminish as well. Aging adults will find that it’s harder to recover after an injury, or notice that their skin has less elasticity. They may also find that they have a harder time losing weight.

HGH helps people lose weight because it speeds up lipolysis, the process that breaks down lipids. When this process is slow, it can lead to weight gain and make weight loss more difficult. By supplementing the body’s supply of HGH with additional HGH treatment, people can restore their body’s lipolytic effect. This can lead to notable weight loss, especially when it is combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

HGH Dosage

HGH treatments are available in two forms: supplements and injections. For both types of HGH treatment, a prescription is usually necessary. After people begin their HGH therapy, they may begin to see results within several weeks. For the best results, many doctors recommend four to six months worth of HGH treatment.

The ideal HGH weight loss dosage will depend on each individual’s starting weight and weight loss goals. People who want to accumulate muscle mass will use a higher dosage than people who simply want to get rid of stubborn fat. For patients who are using HGH injections to lose weight, the daily dosage is usually between 1 IU and 3 IU per day.

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