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How much do bioidentical hormones cost UK?

Written by Joey Morgan - February 07, 2023

How Much Do Bioidentical Hormones Cost in the UK?

Bioidentical hormones, also known as BHRT, are growing in popularity due to their ability to target specific hormone imbalances and provide relief from symptoms caused by such imbalances. However, many people are unsure of the cost associated with these treatments. Here we will be exploring the cost of BHRT treatments in the UK and how you can access them.

The Cost of Bioidentical Hormones
The cost of bioidentical hormone treatment will vary depending on what type of therapy is being used and how often it needs to be administered. For example, a person using creams applied topically may pay a few hundred pounds per year while someone taking custom compounded tablets or capsules might pay several thousand pounds per year. Generally speaking, however, most people can expect to pay somewhere between £500 - £2000 per year for their BHRT treatment.

Private vs NHS Treatments
It's important to note that the cost of BHRT treatments may vary depending on whether you choose to have it privately or through the NHS. Private treatments are usually faster and more expensive than those provided through the NHS but they can also allow for greater customization for each patient's individual needs. On the other hand, NHS treatments may be available at a lower cost but will take longer before any results are seen.

Accessing Treatment
In order to access bioidentical hormone therapy in the UK you'll need to see a qualified health practitioner who is licensed by an appropriate regulator (e.g., NMC, GMC). The practitioner will then assess your symptoms and arrange for any additional tests if necessary before providing you with advice tailored to your specific condition and lifestyle needs. If they deem that BHRT would be beneficial then they'll recommend an appropriate course of action and help you find a suitable clinic or pharmacy which can provide it at an acceptable price.

HGH Treatment clinic : A Specialist in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
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What Are The Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement?
Bioidentical hormone therapy offers numerous benefits when compared with traditional forms of hormone treatment such as synthetic hormones or animal derived hormones (such as Premarin). These include:

  • Balancing hormones levels naturally - Reducing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes & night sweats - Improving mood swings & cognitive abilities - Boosting libido - Reducing risks associated with long-term steroid use - Promoting healthy aging

Ultimately, BHRT has been shown to reduce long-term health risks associated with traditional forms of hormone replacement therapies while providing relief from menopausal symptoms faster than alternative medications or lifestyle changes alone – making it an ideal option for many women looking for safe & effective relief from these issues in a timely manner!

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