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What do FBI HRT do?

Written by John Smyth - February 07, 2023

What Does the FBI HRT Do?

The FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) is an elite law enforcement unit specially trained to resolve high-risk domestic and international hostage situations. The team is comprised of specialized agents from the FBI's tactical, operational and technical services to provide a full spectrum of capabilities for any situation requiring their presence.

HRT engages in a variety of operations including counter terrorism, intelligence gathering and analysis, weapons of mass destruction response, hostage rescue, VIP security, evidence collection and recovery, fugitive apprehension and crisis management. Agents are highly skilled in explosives disposal, combat medical operations, sniper use and active shooter tactics. They are also trained to work with local law enforcement agencies during crises.

HRT agents deploy worldwide in support of U.S. government interests abroad, respond to regional threats and provide support to other federal agencies in certain jurisdictions such as the National Park Service or the Department of State. In addition to providing overseas support, HRT agents may also be called upon domestically when other FBI or state/local tactical teams are unable to respond effectively due to jurisdictional issues or lack of resources or personnel.

In terms of equipment and weaponry used by the team; HRT agents train on various types of firearms including semi-automatic handguns and submachine guns as well as various types of non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray canisters and tasers. The team is also equipped with breaching tools such as ramming bars for forcible entry into buildings where hostages are being held captive by criminals or terrorists. Lastly HRT utilizes cutting edge technology for communications purposes and intelligence gathering such as infrared cameras for surveillance activities during night time operations or even unmanned aerial vehicles known more commonly as drones.

HRT trains diligently every year at its Quantico training facility in Virginia which serves to keep its members up-to-date with current tactics used both domestically and internationally allowing them to respond quickly when needed through prearranged plans they have constructed while training beforehand. The team is closely monitored internally within the FBI structure so that it can always operate at peak efficiency while adhering to strict legal standards set forth by the Attorney General’s office along with international law governing hostage situations involving foreign citizens overseas if need be.

Overall HRT serves an important role in keeping peace throughout our nation by responding swiftly when needed most often times in high risk environments placing themselves at great danger all while protecting American lives both domestically and abroad from those willing to commit acts of terror against this country which we live in today!

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