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What happens when a man takes HGH?

Written by John Smyth - January 24, 2023

What Happens When a Man Takes HGH?

HGH, or human growth hormone, is a naturally-occurring hormone produced in the pituitary gland. It plays an important role in cell regeneration, growth, and maintaining healthy tissue. In recent years, people have started to take artificial forms of this hormone for a variety of reasons. So what happens when a man takes HGH?

Before looking into what specific effects might be caused by taking exogenous HGH, it is important to understand why someone might want to take it in the first place. Common motives include:

  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Reducing body fat
  • Maximizing recovery from exercise
  • Slowing aging processes

When taken in excess amounts, an increase in lean body mass can occur due to increased protein synthesis in the muscles. The muscles get stronger as they continue to develop and allow for more weight lifting capacity with less fatigue and injury. Excess HGH can also lead to an increase in bone density with improved mineralization of collagen which can help prevent fractures from occurring. This can also reduce joint pains associated with heavy lifting or intense sports activities. Additionally increased cellular repair may help improve skin elasticity and decrease wrinkles giving a youthful appearance.

In terms of body fat, short term use of HGH has been known to decrease overall body fat levels by increasing metabolic rate and promoting lipolysis (the breakdown of fats). While these effects are seen relatively quickly, if discontinued suddenly muscle strength will return back to original levels over time as well as increased body fat storage due to decreased metabolic rate without the supplementing hormones.

Longer term use brings its own set of issues stemming from its ability to affect multiple organs throughout the body such as heart malfunction due to enlargement, hypertension caused by thickening of arterial walls as well as carpel tunnel syndrome brought on by nerve compression due to irreversibly swollen connective tissues surrounding them. Therefore it is important for anyone considering using this type of supplementation should do so under strict medical supervision at all times preserving their health through regular monitoring and testing for organ function irregularities that could stem from abnormal hormone levels or other adverse side effects related directly or indirectly with excessive usage .

At HGH Treatment clinic we specialize in helping clients achieve their goals safely through consulting our team specialists about proper dosing protocols, testing regimens and lifestyle therapies that accommodate each individual’s needs while flushing out any potential risks associated with supplementation therapy unknowingly overlooked by those inexperienced with regards specific subject matter . So come speak to us today on how we can help you reach your goals one step at a time safely !

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