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Can medically induced menopause be reversed?

Written by Joey Morgan - January 19, 2023

Can medically induced menopause be reversed?

Yes, medically induced menopause can be reversed. While it is an extreme measure, it can be done and many women have successfully reversed the effects of medical-induced menopause.

For those who are not familiar, medically induced menopause occurs when a doctor prescribes medication to temporarily stop a woman's periods by suppressing ovulation. Commonly prescribed drugs include medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), Lupron, and Synarel and they are typically used to treat conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids. These medications put the body into a temporary state of medical-induced menopause that can last up to 18 months depending on the individual’s case.

While many women opt for this method to manage different types of symptoms associated with menstruation or other medical conditions, some may later decide that they want to reverse their medically induced menopause and restore their menstrual cycle again. While there is no guarantee that this will be successful, there are several methods available for attempting it:

Stopping Medication: The first step in reversing male-induced menopause is to stop taking any medication prescribed for it. Depending on the type of medication being taken and its dosage level, doctors may gradually decrease dosages over time before stopping altogether. This should all be done under a doctor's supervision so that any changes in hormone levels during the process are monitored accordingly.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Once you have stopped taking your medications and your hormone levels return to normalcy, your next step would be to consider Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). HRT has been used successfully in many cases as a means of restoring someone’s fertility after they have gone through medically-induced menopause by providing them with hormone supplements which mimic natural hormones normally produced by the body. It is important here too that this process is supervised by a doctor who specializes in fertility treatments or gynaecology so that any risks associated with using HRT can be minimized accordingly.

Exercising & Eating Well: Your body needs good nutrition and regular exercise for its hormonal balance to remain stable at all times – this is especially true for someone trying to revert from medically-induced menopause back into normalcy again! Eating a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals as well as exercising regularly will help maintain good health throughout this period of restoration while also helping increase fertility rates later on down the line if successful in restoring one’s menstrual cycle again!

Whatever path one takes towards restoring their menstrual cycle after going through medically induced menopause will require patience and dedication – but thankfully there are options available out there which could potentially make reversing this transition possible! HGH Treatment clinic offers comprehensive programs for women looking for assistance with reversing medical induced menapuse which include areas such as dietary/nutritional counseling, extended follow-up visits with specialists, hormonal monitoring regimen support etc - making us one of few clinics tailored towards helping those looking to restore their menstrual cycles back into normalcy once again!

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