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Does bioidentical estrogen help with weight loss?

Written by Abigail Walker - March 01, 2023

Does Bioidentical Estrogen Help with Weight Loss?

Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone and has many essential functions in the human body. It is responsible for regulating a variety of processes, including fertility and bone health. Estrogen also plays a role in weight management, and when levels are too low, gaining or losing weight can become more difficult.

When it comes to weight loss specifically, research suggests that bioidentical estrogen therapy may be beneficial. Bioidentical hormones are chemical compounds derived from plant sources which are identical to those produced naturally by the human body. They’re commonly used to replace natural hormones which have been depleted due to age or disease.

The Role of Estrogen in Weight Management
Lower levels of estrogen have been linked to an increase in visceral fat accumulation, particularly around the belly area. This type of fat is particularly dangerous because it can lead to metabolic disturbances such as insulin resistance. Additionally, reducing estrogen levels can decrease one’s ability to burn calories efficiently or at all. Lowered metabolism can make it difficult for weight loss even with increased exercise and a healthy diet.

Bioidentical Estrogen Therapy
Bioidentical estrogen therapy has been suggested by some experts as a possible way to counter these effects. The theory is that regular doses of bioidentical hormones may help restore balance within the body, leading to improved weight loss results. In particular, clinical trials suggest that this type of therapy may help reduce abdominal fat accumulation as well as improve overall physical performance during exercise.

Benefits Beyond Weight Loss
While bioidentical estrogen therapy is primarily used for addressing issues related to menopause and hormonal imbalances, there are additional benefits associated with it beyond helping with weight loss efforts:

  • Improved mood: Women who undergo bioidentical estrogen therapy often report feeling happier and more energetic than before they started treatment thanks to restored hormone balance;

    Better sleep: Consistent dosage of bioidentical hormones helps ensure adequate amounts during the night resulting in improved quality of sleep;

    Healthier skin: As estrogen levels decline with age wrinkle formation speeds up—bioidentical hormone replacement can help slow this process down;

    Overall health improvement: Since estrogen helps protect bones from thinning and regulates cholesterol production for better heart health its consistent presence can work wonders for one's long-term wellness prospects.

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