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How long does it take for HRT to work for anxiety?

Written by Joey Morgan - February 13, 2023

How Long Does It Take For HRT To Work for Anxiety?

When considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to combat anxiety, it is important to understand the timeline of when you may begin to feel its effects. The amount of time that it takes for HRT to provide relief from anxiety can range depending on the individual, their causes of anxiety and other factors.

Generally, there are two ways in which a person might experience the effects of HRT: short-term and long-term.

Short-Term Effects of HRT On Anxiety

The short-term timeframe during which you may experience more immediate reductions in anxiety levels ranges anywhere from one to six weeks after starting HRT. During this period, patients often note an overall feeling of decreased stress and relaxation. This initial phase has been attributed to hormonal balance as well as improved mood due to positive changes in serotonin levels resulting from the treatment.

Long-Term Effects Of HRT On Anxiety

The long-term results of taking HRT may take several months or longer, but can be sustained over time with continued treatment. Many experts recommend that those who take hormone replacement therapy for anxiety continue taking it for at least six months before evaluating whether or not it is working for them. During this period, patients often feel a combination of both physical and psychological benefits including improved mental clarity, better sleep and an increase in energy levels—all associated with reduced stress and lessened feelings of anxiousness.

In addition to its direct effect on stress levels, HRT also helps to regulate hormones that can also play a role in anxiety such as cortisol and estrogen. These two hormones have been found to interact with each other and can contribute significantly to both physical and psychological symptoms associated with anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Consequently, finding the right balance between these hormones through hormone replacement therapy can help people manage these issues over time—leading to long term alleviation from symptoms.

What Else Can You Do To Reduce Anxiety?

While hormone replacement therapy can help provide significant relief from many forms of anxiety, there are also some holistic lifestyle choices one can make alongside treatment that will further aid in reducing anxiousness:

  • Eating a balanced diet rich in whole grains and leafy green vegetables;
  • Regular exercise;
  • Meditation;
  • Limit alcohol intake;
  • Reduce caffeine consumption;
  • Get sufficient restful sleep;
  • Practice mindful activities like yoga or tai chi;

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