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Are EverlyWell hormone tests accurate?

Written by Abigail Walker - January 27, 2023

Are EverlyWell Hormone Tests Accurate?

Hormone imbalances are a common issue that can cause a wide range of health problems, from mood swings and fatigue to infertility and weight gain. Accurate hormone testing is essential for identifying underlying conditions, so you can get the right care and treatment. But how accurate are home-based tests like those offered by EverlyWell?

EverlyWell provides at-home kits that measure hormones with saliva samples taken in your own home or office. Their panel tests cover levels of several different hormones including progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, DHEA-S and melatonin.

The accuracy of these tests depends on a number of factors such as sample storage time, quality collection methods and laboratory equipment used. Here’s what you should know about EverlyWell’s results:

  • Lab grade results: EverlyWell has partnered with CLIA certified laboratories to ensure patient samples are tested using the same high standards as they would be in a physical lab setting.
  • Accurately measured hormones: All hormones measured by EverlyWell’s hormone panels have been validated against FDA approved methods to ensure accuracy.
  • Easy to read results: The reports generated by EverlyWell are easy for patients to understand and interpret without having to rely on potential doctor visits or additional tests.

At HGH Treatment clinic we believe that accurate testing is key to helping our patients achieve optimal health through proper hormonal balance. That’s why we offer physician-ordered saliva test kits from reliable providers like EverlyWell who provide affordable options for measuring important hormone levels at home or office . Contact us today for more information about our hormone replacement clinic!

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