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Can GP do hormone tests?

Written by Joey Morgan - February 21, 2023

Can GP do hormone tests?

Yes, general practitioners (GPs) can perform hormone tests. This is typically done by ordering a simple blood test to check for hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. In some cases, GPs may order more complex tests such as saliva or urine tests.

Hormones are important because they play a key role in regulating many bodily functions. For example, hormones help control sleep, metabolism, energy levels, moods, sex drive, and even fertility. Hormones also impact how individuals cope with stress and how their immune system functions.

When an individual’s hormones are out of balance — either too high or too low — it can lead to serious health issues such as depression and anxiety; weight gain; difficulty sleeping; fatigue; loss of libido; irregular periods; infertility; chronic pain disorders such as fibromyalgia; and more.

If you suspect your hormones may be off-balance or you’re experiencing symptoms like those outlined above, then it is important to discuss this with your GP so he/she can decide if hormone testing is necessary. Fortunately, testing for most hormones is relatively easy and non-invasive: all that is required is a sample of your blood that can be taken in your doctor's office or laboratory.

If you live in New York City the team at HGH Treatment clinic provides comprehensive hormone replacement services that are customized to each patient’s unique needs. This includes testing and therapy services along with complimentary guidance from expert professionals who specialize in helping people achieve hormonal balance through natural methods whenever possible. HGH Treatment clinic offers IV therapy treatments which include Vitamin C infusions, Glutathione infusions and Mineral infusions that are tailored to what each patient needs most!

In conclusion: yes indeed GPs can do hormone tests. It is important to understand why these tests may be needed in order to ensure proper management of any underlying issues related to hormonal imbalance. If you live in the NYC area don't hesitate to reach out to HGH Treatment clinic for tailored hormone replacement services that can help you achieve greater balance for a healthier life overall!

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